Volume 3, Issue 2

Medical Veritas: The Journal of Medical Truth

Nov. 2006, Volume 3, Issue 2

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00115 Commentary—Doctored to death or Shaken Baby Syndrome? by Alan Rees 990
00116 Forensic medical report: autopsy report for Baby Nadine by Mario Verdicchio 991
00117 Expert testimony regarding case B 1402-05 R 12 given by Olof Flodmark on July 6, 2005 by Olof Flodmark 994
00118 Analysis of causes that led to bleeding, cardiac arrest, and death in the case of Baby Nadine by Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati 997
00119 Report on the death of Baby Nadine caused by the adminstration of intravenous antibiotics by Viera Scheibner 1013
00120 Analysis of causes that led to subdural bleeding and rib fractures in the case of Baby Patrick Gorman by Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati 1019
00121 Histopathological features of Eliza Jane Scovill's and Destiny Jacobo's lungs with analysis of the causes of death in both cases by Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati 1041
00122 Mercury in Medicine--Taking Unnecessary Risks by Dan Burton, Chairman of the Subcommittee of Human Rights and Wellness 1049
00123 Electrophysiological variants correlated with neurodevelopmental delays: A systems biology approach by Valerie L. Scaramella-Nowinski and Drina Madden 1128
00124 Observations from a Specific Carbohydrate Dietary Intervention in two children with autism by Jeffrey Allen Trelka and Melvin L. Morse 1135
00125 An initial inquiry into cost-effectiveness of surfactant in India: a pilot randomized control trial by Lokesh Tiwaril, Noopur Baijal, Nirmal Kumar, Jacob M. Puliyel 1147
00126 Review—Medical aspects of learning disorders: role of nootropic drugs by Ali Saber Mohamed 1150
00127 A review of various abilities improved after the basic Tomatis Method Program for autistic, Williams syndrome, and ADHD children by Dorinne S. Davis 1154
00128 Sound bodies through sound therapy by Dorinne S. Davis 1158
00129 A look at the 2006 FDA hearing on the safety of dental amalgams and possible toxicological conerns by Boyd E. Haley 1163
00130 Interview with Dr. Dan A. Rossignol: Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Therapy improves symptoms in autistic children by Dan A. Rossignol and Teri Arranga 1170
00131 Interview with Dr. Jaquelyn McCandless: Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), past study, prospective study by Jaquelyn McCandless and Teri Arranga 1174
00132 Interview with Dr. Martha Herbert—Autism: a brain disorder or a disorder that affects the brain? by Martha Herbert and Teri Arranga 1182
    Parent/Patient Forum:  
00133      Be informed to prevent horrific births—your baby’s life is counting on it! by Kelly Moscarello 1195
00134      Trusting parent learns too late: the tragic consequences of instant cord clamping by Jessica Torgerson 1202
00135 Editorial—Why is the Hepatitis B vaccine still mandated? by Andrew Maniotis, Rita Maniotis, N. Joseph Espat, Xue Chen, Peter Lycos 1206
00136 Editorial—CDC recommendation for universal HIV screening of all Americans: Choose religion, not science by Andrew Maniotis 1211
00137 Editorial—Being or not being an "activist", that is the question by Marc Girard 1214
00138 Statement—Vaccine safety research requires the creation of a separate and wholly independent office by Dave Weldon 1216
00139 Daubert hearing on Shaken Baby Syndrome by Lewis D. Nicholls 1220
    Book Reviews:  
  Free      INJECTION! by Carol Givner, Editor: Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D. 1227
  Free      The Chickenpox Vaccine: A new epidemic of disease and corruption by Mark Orrin; Editor: Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D. 1229
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