Volume 4, Issue 1

Medical Veritas: The Journal of Medical Truth

Apr. 2007, Volume 4, Issue 1

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00140 A case of medically unjustified treatment with multiple mega doses of vitamin C with thyroid hormones that caused serious adverse reactions in a woman by Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati 1235
00141 A missed case of poisoning with arsenic by Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati 1244
00142 Analysis of causes that led to the development of vitiligo in Jeanett's case with recommendations for clinical tests and treatments by Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati 1251
00143 Dental amalgam beneficence - first do no harm - by G. Scott Crowther 1263
00144 The use of urinary porphyrins analysis in autism by Dan Rossignol 1276
00145 Critical assessment of an FDA letter concerning a Citizen Petition specifying actions against Thimerosal-containing drugs by Paul G. King 1282
00146 BioEnergetic assessment and its benefit in addressing and determining underlying factors pertaining to PDD/ADD/ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders by Millicent Holliday 1371
00147 Review—Thimerosal and autsim: a renewed issue by Ali Saber Mohamed 1375
00148 Fake science and bogus bioethics: medical research frauds against premature babies by H. Peter Alef 1378
00149 How mercury was absolved: creativity, collusion and censorship by Jeffrey Allen Trelka 1390
00150 The Buteyko breakthrough by Peter Kolb and Juan Manuel Martinez Méndez 1393
00151 Editorial—Mercury and autism in the United Kingdom by John Stone 1398
00152 Editorial—How Pediatrics validated erroneous British mercury data by John Stone 1406
00153 Why case-control studies showed no association between Suddent Infant Death Syndrome and vaccines by Valentina A. Soldatenkova 1411
00154 An investigation of infant deaths following initial hepatitis B vaccination based on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 1992-2002 by Valentina A. Soldatenkova and F. Edward Yazbak 1414
00155 Gulf War Illness classifications and changes in subjective health among Reserve Component veterans who had deployed to the Persian Gulf by Walter R. Schumm, Anthony P. Jurich, Farrell J. Webb, Stephan R. Bollman, Earl J. Reppert, Diane Sanders, and Carlos S. Castelo 1422
00156 Summary—Regressive autism, ileal-lymphoid nodular hyperplasia, measles virus, and MMR vaccine: summary of published studies offering evidence for linkages by David Thrower 1426
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00157      Poisoning due to antimony and cadmium: disguised as autism diagnosis by Lois Smith 1432
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  Free      The Natural Medicine Guide to Autism by Stephanie Marohn 1435
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