Volume 4, Issue 2

Medical Veritas: The Journal of Medical Truth

Nov. 2007, Volume 4, Issue 2

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    Message from the Editor-in-Chief concerning Medical Veritas: The Journal of Medical Truth Free
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00158 When evidence-based medicine (EBM) fuels confusion: multiple sclerosis after hepatitis B vaccine as a case in point by Marc Girard 1436
00159 Analysis of causes that led to subdural bleeding, skull and rib fractures, and death in the case of baby Averial Buie by Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati 1452
00160 Analysis of causes that led to baby Stryker Eoghan Burke's sudden death by Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati 1470
00161 The relationship of the toxic effects of mercury to exacerbation of the medical condition classified as Alzheimer's disease by Boyd E. Haley 1484
00162 The brain, thinking, and behavior in autism: attention by Mary Joann Lang and Martha Klassen 1499
00163 Case Study in the Public Health Menace of Tuberculosis (TB) Testing by Leonard George Horowitz 1505
00164 Gulf War illnesses, anthrax vaccine, and steps toward improving DVA healthcare and research for Gulf War Veterans. Testimony. House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, Subcommittee on Health Hearing, July 26, 2007 by Meryl Nass 1510
00165 Ghost management: How much of the medical literature is shaped behind the scenes by the pharmaceutical industry? by Sergio Sismondo 1515
00166 Editorial-Reminiscences of America's children in the 1930s as compared with today, and the possible role of vaccines in causing retrogressive changes by Harold Buttram 1520
00167 Gastrointestinal pathology in autism: Description and treatment by Arthur Krigsman 1522
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00168 Parent Forum-Jonny and Sierra's story: from serious vaccine adverse reactions to recovering "autism" by Barbara H. Labrecque and Butch Labrecque 1531
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  Free      We Band of Mothers: Autism, My Son & the Specific Carbogydrate Diet by Judith Chinitz, MS 1537
  Free      What To Eat by Marion Nestle 1538
  Free      The War on Cancer: Anatomy of Failure by Guy B. Faguet 1540
  Free      Changing the Course of Autism by Bryan Jepson, MD with Jane Johnson 1542
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