Volume 2, Issue 2

Medical Veritas: The Journal of Medical Truth

Nov. 2005, Volume 2, Issue 2

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00063 Leaving well alone: a natural approach to the third stage of labor by Sarah J. Buckley 492
00064 Review—Birth brain injury: etiology and prevention—Part I: Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and cerebral palsy by George Malcolm Morley 500
00065 Review (Continued)—Birth brain injury: etiology and prevention—Part II: The premature child and cesarean section deliveries by George Malcolm Morley 507
00066 Review (Continued)—Birth brain injury: etiology and prevention—Part III: Concealed and clandestine trauma by Eileen Nicole Simon and George Malcolm Morley 513
00067 Exposure to anthrax vaccination and pyridostigmine bromide (PB) tablets as associated with geographic location during the First Persian Gulf War by Walter R. Schumm, Anthony P. Jurich, Farrell J. Webb, Stephan R. Bollman, Earl J. Reppert, Carlos S. Castelo 521
00068 ADD-ing it up: soy infant formula, ADD/ADHD, and manganese toxicity by Kaayla T. Daniel 526
00069 Vaccine induced autoimmune Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM) in children by Jane Lukshis 530
00070 Mercury toxicity: genetic susceptibility and synergistic effects by Boyd E. Haley 535
00071 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and related illnesses: A case history supporting subacute mercury poisoning or “micromercurialism” by Richard F. Miller 543
00072 Vaccination and autoimmunity: reassessing evidence by Marc Girard 549
00073 Shoulder Dystocia (SD) and Brachial Plexus Palsy (BPP): cause and prevention by George Malcolm Morley 555
00074 Reflections of brain-body functioning by Sally Goddard Blythe 562
00075 Analysis of causes that led to Eliza Jane Scovill's cardiac arrest and death by Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati 567
00076 Detoxification: The link to life by John H. Hicks 582
00077 Power of Truth Rally, July 20, 2005 at Washington, D.C. by Barbara Loe Fisher 589
00078 Opening address: Power of Parents Rally, Oct. 8, 2005 at Washington, D.C. by Barbara Loe Fisher 591
00079 Power of Parents Rally, October 7-8, 2005 by Jennifer Smith 592
00080 Interview with Dr. Mary Megson: diagnosing and treating developmentally delayed children by Mary Megson and Teri Small 594
00081 Interview with Dr. Barbara Brewitt: the fundamental role of cell signaling in healing and relevance to autism by Barbara Brewitt and Teri Small 602
00082 Interview with Sally Goddard Blythe: reflexes—intra-uterine, primitive, and postural by Sally Goddard Blythe and Teri Small 613
00083 Interview with Dr. Arthur Krigsman: evaluation and treatment of gastrointestinal pathology, common in children with autistic spectrum disorder by Arthur Krigsman and Teri Small 628
00084 Interview with Dr. Paul Harch: the application of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and chronic neurological conditions by Paul Harch and Teri Small 637
00085 Hypothesis—How mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy works and why it is good for our children by Julie A. Buckley 647
00086 Hypothesis—“The Connection” Subluxation and Autism by Matthew Gianforte 648
00087 Commentary—Food Matters by Betsy Hicks 651
00088 Commentary—Holiday every day for Pharma under the Bush Administration by Evelyn Pringle 653
00089 Commentary—Survey on vaccinations in Europe: adverse effects, epidemiology, laws, and EFVV proposals by Françoise Joët, Xavier Uriarte, Juan Manual Marin 667
00090 Critical assessment of CDC’s “Questions and answers: Thimerosal-containing influenza vaccine" by Paul G. King 703
00091 Editorial: Reformulating the principles of Hippocrates by Marc Girard 721
00092 Parent Forum: Autism—Road towards recovery by Jan Westcott and Jennifer Smith 722
00093 Book Excerpt—Reactive Attachment Disorder in Children Previously Neglected or Abused Prior to Adoption by Lark Eshleman 732
    Book Reviews  
       The Plot Against Asthma and Allergy Patients by Felix Ravikovich, MD 738
       A Real Boy: A True Story of Autism, Early Intervention, and Recovery by Christina Adams 740
       Autism Spectrum Disorders by Chantal Sicile-Kira 741
       Vaccine A: The covert government experiment that’s killing our soldiers and why GI’s are only the first victims by Gary Matsumoto 742
       The Wonderful Century by Alfred Russel Wallace 743
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