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Medical Veritas: The Journal of Medical Truth

Apr. 2004, Volume 1, Issue 1

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00001 Why have we failed to eradicate polio from India? by Yash Paul 1
00002 High incidence of shingles among children with prior chickenpox: an inadvertent consequence of the universal varicella vacciantion program? by Gary S. Goldman 4
00003 Press Release: Rise in shingles cases linked to universal varicella vaccination program by Gary S. Goldman 11
00004 Simplified lesson in capture-recapture methods and controversy regarding their epidemiological application by Gary S. Goldman 13
00005 Adverse reactions following varicella vaccination are under-reported and may include cases of paralysis and other neurological problems by Medical Veritas Editorial Staff 18
00006 Excerpts from peer-reviewed abstracts concerning breakthrough varicella disease among vacinees and the importance of exogenous re-exposures by Medical Veritas Editorial Staff 21
00007 Belkin's testimony to Congress concerning Hepatitis B vaccine on May 18, 1999 by Michael Belkin 24
00008 Dunbar's testimony to Congress concerning Hepatits B vaccine on May 18, 1999 by Bonnie S. Dunbar 28
00009 Shaken baby syndrome (SBS): general commentary by Harold E. Buttram 31
00010 Shaken baby syndrome (SBS) or vaccine-induced encephalomyelitis? The study of Baby Alan by Harold E. Buttram and F. Edward Yazbak 34
00011 Analysis of causes that led to Baby Lucas Alejandro Mullenax-Mendez' cardiac arrest and death in August-September, 2002 by Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati 45
00012 Summary of highlights of scientific review of Safety Datalink information 64
00013 The attenuated rubella virus vaccine: how public health agencies and the manufacturer thwarted post-release surveillance by Medical Veritas Editorial Staff 68
00014 Fifty reasons to oppose fluoridation by Paul H. Connett 70
00015 The rationale for vaccines and potential inadvertent consequences including autism, AIDS and other epidemics by W. John Martin 81
00016 Analysis of causes that led to Toddler Alexa Marie Shearer's cardiac arrest and death in November, 1999 by Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati 86
00017 Shaken baby syndrome or medical malpractice? by Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati 117
00018 Vaccine scene, 2004 update: still MMR vaccination, mercury, and aluminum by Harold E. Buttram 130
00019 Parent Forum: Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) by Debra Grater, Dwight Davidson, Brian Herlihy, Belinda Moran, Carolyn Burke, Sharon St. Clair, and Dina Mason 136
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        Healing the Planet One Patient at a Time: A Primer in Environmental Medicine by Jozef Krop, MD 156
       Hey! Who's Having This Baby Anyway? by Breck Hawk, RN, Midwife 158
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