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To search by author, key in last name and optional first name/initial and optional second name/initial[au] to designate author search.
    Example: Goldman[au] or Goldman GS[au] or Goldman Gary Steven[au]
    To search by middle name/initial, use Steven[middle] or S[middle]
    To search by first name/initial and optional middle name/initial use Gary[first] or GS[first]
    [f or [m shortcuts may be used for [first] and [middle].

To search by journal, key in the name of the journal and [ref] to designate a reference/journal search.
    Example: Medical Veritas[ref] will list all references published by Medical Veritas
          Medical Veritas, 2004[ref] will list all 2004 references published by Medical Veritas

To locate a specific article by assigned PMID number, key in the PMID number and [pmid] to designate a serach by PMID number.
    Example: 91[pmid] will list the reference assigned PMID: 91

Each of the designations for author [au], reference [ref], and PMID number [pmid], may be abbreviated
    by using only the first two characters: [a, [r, or [p

To list all entries, type * (an asterisk) in the search field.
To limit searches to a given journal, select the desired journal from the pull down journal menu.
To order, please check the PMID number corresponding to each desired manuscript.
When all manuscripts have been selected, press the Order button to confirm selections and enter Credit Card information.

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